Field Recording - Sound Editing - Sound Design

Hello! My name is Ben and i'm a freelance Sound Editor, Field Recordist and Sound Designer currently based in London.

Since graduating with first-class honours in a Music Technology BSc in 2014 I've been building up a portfolio of projects in various types of audio work. In the last two years I've been particularly focused on location sound and post production for film and TV.

As a personal project I have been developing immersive audiobooks for children using binaural recordings and SFX to accompany voice acting and illustrations.

Whilst I love all things audio, my greatest passion is environmental sound recording. For me there's no better feeling than being out in the field. I'm also interested in acoustic ecology and how the advent of 3D audio could help to record the sounds of our natural world in increasingly immersive ways.

Listen to my immersive audiobook

Available For Work

I'm always on the lookout for new projects to get involved in. I have a wide range of skills; from my roots in music recording, to on-set boom op and location mixing, through to post production and sound design. If your project's in need of someone just drop me a line!

  • Sound Design
  • Dialog Editing
  • Audio Dubbing
  • Sound Effects Mixing
  • Live Engineering & Recording
  • Foley Recording & Voiceovers